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Website Audit and Check

Website not doing so well

Running a website audit

It goes without saying that every website (no matter how good it may be) relies heavily upon search engines such as Google being able to understand and make sense of what your website is all about. A website no matter how good it make look to our human eyes, needs to make sense to a robotic search spider like Google.

Run a website check

Running a diagnostics check on your website is the only way to know for sure if there are any potential problems. Now you can either choose to pay lots of money to someone who claims your site is doing badly, or pay a reasonable fee for a professional team to check and audit the website for you. It's your choice.


  • Check crawl and index status
  • Check any robots.txt files for issues or problems that may cause issues
  • Check for crawl errors - does a webpage cause confusion or problems
  • Check for possible duplicate content that may affect your website status
  • Check for 301 redirects, make sure that if required, they are in place
  • Check the URL structure of a website
  • Check the site or page loading speeds (not everyone has super broadband)
  • Check on page SEO and make sure it is right - no keyword stuffing
  • Finally, produce a audit report that makes sense to people who need help

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