About 123 Simples

About 123 Simples

123 Simples are a UK based web design company located in Waterlooville, Hampshire. Our growing success in the web design, search engine optimization, website tune-ups, graphics and logos, and web hosting markets means that we have had to keep pace with our customers needs, desires and requirements.

Web Designer - Doug

Doug is the main person you will deal with. He has 3 decades plus of real business experience, and basically there's not much he doesn't know. Microsoft® software systems, and Adobe® software. He understands how business works, and he will always do his utmost to get your business moving forward.

  • About Me:What you see is what you get. There are no pretenses, and I'm not here to force people into having a website with us. But if you want just simple straight-forward advice, support and a decent website that is affordable, then you won't be disappointed.

Sales & Support - Trace

Behind every good man is a great woman, and Trace helps with looking after and supporting clients who have sales and general enquiries. She looks after the day to day administration of the business.

  • About Me:I help look after sales and support enquiries for the business. We are focused on providing our clients with a website they can be proud of, but one that has not drained all their assets either. We use our creativity and imagination, combined with our web design skills, to make sure that our clients are satisfied and successful.

Corporate Photographer - Nikki

Nikki is one of our valued freelancers who provide professional business photography for websites and/or businesses looking for something special. Nikki takes care of our product photography for company websites and advertising literature.

  • About Me:Professional business photography for any website is always useful. We can provide professional photo shoots designed to promote and build your business profile. I am very friendly and adaptable with my art and I don't just have one style. I like to photograph and edit peoples photos based on their style, requirements and what they desire.

Trusted freelancers

In some instances, 123 Simples work closely with only the best freelancers around the globe. These men and women are carefully chosen for their skillset, and depending on each specific job we may call on these men and women to help and support the projects we are providing for clients.

  • About Us:There are times when clients are looking for bespoke content management systems, client portals, news management systems and so forth which involves coding and database technology. We only will use the best and most trustworthy freelancers from around the world.

Services We Offer

As a web design business, we are skilled in and offer the following types of services for clients.