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Customer Support

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Our support systems are all FREE!

123 Simples provide support for all our customers, and we are here to help you get the best from your website and hosting services we provide. We offer our customers dedicated support options, which is why we are expanding all the time.

99% of the time, our customers do not need additional support because we have already factored in their needs and expectations. But on the rare occasion they might need to know more, then we have been building an extensive knowledgebase and in-house support system.

123 Simples provide support

Our range of support systems include:

  • Telephone Consultations - what's better than actually just talking to one another;
  • Email Support - we usually respond to any urgent enquiries within 1 working day;
  • Knowledgebase Articles - we have a wide range of knowledgebase articles outlining help, information and tips;
  • Ticket Support - our ticket support system can be used, but by now most of our customers have had any possible issues resolved.

If you still need help, or we may not have made things clear on this page, then let us know. We can add it later! Send us an email, and we can hopefully answer your question(s).

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As a web design business, we are skilled in and offer the following types of services for clients.