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Any website will need two things (at least). A domain name so people can find your business online, and in order to have your website online you will also need web hosting. Fortunately 123 Simples can take care of this for you.

Any client who uses our web design services, and remains with us, can benefit from discounted web hosting packages offered directly by ourselves. As authorised resellers of web hosting, we can take care of your domain name registrations and hosting - all under one roof!

Web Hosting from 123 Simples

Advantages of choosing - 123 Simples

Below, we listed some of the main reasons why people choose a web design company like 123 Simples to look after their online hosting:

  • We are an authorised reseller of web hosting space. We use two UK based web hosting suppliers - one in Bournemouth, the other in Manchester;
  • We can supply server technology for either ASP and ASP.NET driven websites (Windows Hosting) or PHP enabled websites (Linux Hosting) depending on what each client specifically may need;
  • We setup all the tech stuff for you - in fact 100% of our customers do not even access their own control panels but the option is available for them if they so desired;
  • We take care of registering the domain name(s) on behalf our customers - at all times they are always listed as the LEGAL REGISTRANTS of the domain name;
  • Depending on the web packages required, a customer will usually have between 1 and 4 email accounts. However, because we control the hosting allocated to each customer, there have been times when customers have multiple email accounts depending on the size of their business;
  • We closely monitor all our hosting servers for possible downtime - we achieve a 99.95% uptime rate. Compared to other hosting companies, this is excellent.

If you still need help, or we may not have made things clear on this page, then let us know. We can add it later! Send us an email, and we can hopefully answer your question(s).

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