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This policy represents your web design agreement with 123 Simples, in addition to all emails exchanged between us and yourselves. Please retain your emails for future reference in the unlikely event of any dispute. This policy is in addition to our
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From time to time, we may have to revise the policies on our web design terms and conditions. Any changes or updates to these policies are normally minor and do not affect the overall agreement between both parties. However, please always make sure you do check back on this page regularly for updates.

This policy is presented by 123 Simples, a UK based web design and hosting provider.

Website Part Managed Plans - Onyx

There may be times when some clients would like to have the option to help maintain and build on their own website. Whilst some people may suggest that you should use a Content Management System such as Wordpress, where you can update your website as often as you like, there are distinct disadvantages using this type of system when you have a business website. Unless you really know what you are doing, trust us when we say that some Content Management Systems are not always the best choice.

Our website part managed plan - Onyx for short

So that is why we developed and thought about a way for clients to have a "share" in their own website management. Unlike the Client Only CMS Option which leaves you to struggle on your own, 123 Simples came up with the ONYX Website Part Managed Plan - where your website and your business gets the best of both worlds!

This is how it works

If you decide that you would like to have the ability to edit, update and add some content to your own website, then providing you have paid for the initial web design and setup when we first started with you, 123 Simples may be able to swap you over to our ONYX Website Part Managed Plan solution. (If you have not fully PAID the initial design costs, then you will need to pay this first, before we will consider switching you over to the ONYX Website Part Managed Plan.)

ONYX - Maintenance Plan Features

  • Unlimited Content Management access via our login page (subject to initial website design)
  • A limited number of design related changes
  • Your annual web hosting fees (excluding domain names, database charges, software scripts) will be included, all the time you are paying the monthly fees
  • Up to 1 hour per month free technical advice, help and support
  • The ability to add, edit or change some content within your website
  • You get to make some of your own content changes
  • You can make changes any time, day or night
  • You can plan out your budget for your website more effectively
  • A brilliant way of having your own input but with support
  • Your initial website is backed up before you start editing
  • E-Commerce websites, scripts and software systems are NOT included
  • Domain Name prices, database Add-Ons are NOT included

How much will it cost me?

Once the website has been built, designed and paid for, the ONYX Website Part Managed Plan is charged accordingly:

Price quoted below is based on customers using Simples STARTER Hosting

  • Initial ONYX Setup Fee - £49.95 (payable in advance) - one off setup fee
  • Monthly ONYX Management Plan Fee - £24.00 (payable by Bank Standing Order)
  • Website ONYX Editing Fee - £3.00 per website, per month (payable by Bank Standing Order)

Each website that you wish to have added to the system is £3.00 per website per month, payable monthly by Bank Standing Order.

Please contact us for more details about your website if you would like to consider other ways of having input on your website, or to check for additional discounts that may be available to you.

Specific Terms - ONYX Website Part Managed Plan

Definition of terms used within this particular agreement

To help users understand the ONYX Website Part Managed Plan, we have summarised the important details on this page for you. You will also receive in advance an email agreement, and Bank Standing Order Mandate Form, which needs to be completed. Payment(s) for some of the initial costs must be made in advance, before we will switch you over to this type of system.

ONYX Website Part Managed Plan - the name given to the solution which allows clients to have some ability to edit, update and change content on their websites using a login username and password supplied to them by 123 Simples;
Initial ONYX Setup Fee - the initial setup one off payment fee payable in advance for switching your website(s) over to the ONYX Website Part Management Plan;
Monthly ONYX Management Plan Fee - the monthly payable fee by Bank Standing Order (as outlined in the Features above, and also by email to you);
Website ONYX Editing Fee - the fee payable for each website added to the plan. This fee is payable monthly;
Website Client Management Area - this is a website area where you login with a username and password to be able to edit your web site pages using the ONYX system;
Website Backups - random website backups of your existing websites to ensure that if there is a problem, we can roll your website back to a good working state.

The explanation of what, when and how much - some technical details

Not all websites and some parts of the website may not be suitable to be switched over to the ONYX Website Part Managed Plan. Some common restrictions may be if you have e-commerce websites, websites that may rely on other aspects of our interaction, websites that cannot be easily adapted to this type of system. Our sales team should be able to advise you about any possible issues.
1.1 If you are already using a software system to edit and update a separate part of your website (for example if you have a blog or a newsletter system), then this part of the website will not be pulled into the Website Client Management Area, but instead will remain accessible by yourselves, using the login credentials we would have provided you with. (If it appears in the Website Client Management Area then you will not be able to edit it, but instead will need to login as normal using the LOGIN URL we gave you previously).
1.2 When switching a client over to the ONYX Website Part Managed Plan, the initial website as it is, will have a backup copy made of it on our own systems. When you (the client) have access to the Website Client Management Area, then we strongly advise you to take care with changes and editing. Whilst we do our utmost to make sure that your website functions correctly and as it should, then any edits you may make, might affect the overall performance of your website.
1.3 Website Backups - when you are operating on a Client Management System, then although 123 Simples will randomly make website backups, we will not, and cannot be held accountable for loss of data, service or website pages due to any changes made thereafter by clients.
1.4 Once the Initial ONYX Setup Fee and the initial Monthly ONYX Management Plan Fee has been paid to us, then we normally would expect the website(s) to be changed over to the ONYX Website Part Managed Plan usually within 5 working days.
1.5 The Standing Order Mandate will have been put in place, and this will come into effect from the date we have agreed with you.
2. The prices quoted for the ONYX Website Part Managed Plan does NOT include domain name charges, any database renewal or purchasing charges, software scripts, renewable software programs. These charges will still be billed separately as and when renewal dates come up for those related services.
3. Monthly ONYX Management Plan Fees are calculated to which type of hosting package you may be on, and the degree of complexity that may be involved, especially if you have multiple websites, with many web pages within each website. Therefore the Monthly ONYX Management Plan Fee may be higher than quoted above, in which case we will always tell you in advance.
4. The Initial ONYX Setup Fee is a one off payment. This fee covers us for our time to change the websites from Fully Managed to a Part Managed Solution. It also covers the costs involved in editing parts of the website to allow users a safe way of being able to edit and update web pages themselves.
5. The Initial ONYX Setup Fee and your first Monthly ONYX Management Plan Fee payment must be made in advance, and at the time of taking up the ONYX Website Part Managed Plan. Payment can be made online, by cash, by credit or debit card over the phone, or using our online payment solutions.
6. The Monthly ONYX Management Plan Fee must be paid each month by Bank Standing Order Mandate and you are agreeing to enter a 1 year minimum contract for payment(s) on this package.
7. The Website ONYX Editing Fee (in the example above quoted at £3.00 per website, per month, must be paid each month by Bank Standing Order Mandate. For each website you will have access to edit and change using our Website Client Management Area, you will be liable to pay monthly for each website using the Website Client Management Area.
7.1 The Website ONYX Editing Fee would be collected at the same time your payment is taken for the Monthly ONYX Management Plan Fee.
7.2 If you decide at any time to withdraw a particular website (otherwise also referred to as a URL Domain Name) from the Website Client Management Area (or package), then you should tell us and the next monthly payment due for your Website ONYX Editing Fee will be reduced for each website withdrawn by yourself. This website will then no longer be part of the ONYX Website Part Managed Plan, and therefore no longer accessible by yourselves to edit your own content.
7.3 There are NO refunds on websites withdrawn from ONYX Website Part Managed Plan, and therefore the Website ONYX Editing Fee for any particular website taken off the system, is non-refundable (in the example above this is the £3.00 per website fee).
8. If monthly payment(s) are cancelled by yourself at any time during the period of agreement, then any outstanding balances will be due immediately and without any need for us to reimburse you. Remember that you are entering into a 1 year minimum contract for payment(s) on the actual ONYX Website Part Managed Plan and therefore, if you do cancel the monthly payment(s) due to 123 Simples, we will regrettably have to invoice you for the full amount you would have paid within that period.
9. If payment(s) are withheld or cancelled within the contract period, then this may affect your web hosting, or websites that you have with us.
9.1 Where possible, we will always aim to find a workable solution for you. However, at our sole discretion, any cancellations made by yourselves (other than wishing to withdraw a website from the package) may result in your website and domain names being withdrawn from service.
10. Monthly payments will be debited from your account on a specified date as agreed previously with yourselves. You will be asked to setup a Bank Standing Order, or complete a Standing Order Mandate Form to ensure that your payments are made on time.
10.1 You can choose which date you would like these payments to be made, anywhere between the 1st of each calendar month and the 28th of each calendar month. Once the date has been agreed, then payments need to be made on that date every calendar month to ensure there are no disruptions to your web hosting, domain names, or web design services.
11. Any late, declined or refused payment(s) may result in termination or disruption of your services, and any returned, delayed or cancelled payments, may be subject to a administration surcharge of £25.00 per default, and any specific late payment charges that have been outlined in your agreement with us.

A final word: We always try to ensure that all our customers are treated fairly and we go to great lengths to ensure that you (and we) are happy with any agreements we have between ourselves. Please respect this by letting us know if there are any problems, so we may at least have the opportunity to rectify and put things right!

Changes to the ONYX Website Part Managed Plan

123 Simples reserve the right to add, delete, or modify any provision of the 'ONYX Website Part Managed Plan' at any time without notice.
Failure to receive notification of a change does not make those changes invalid.

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