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Testimonials and Feedback 123 Simples. We value our customers feedback at 123 Simples. To help us make sure that we are providing our clients with the best web design and hosting service possible, we are inviting our clients to submit their opinion via a short questionnaire. All your answers are dealt with in confidence, and we invite you to allow us to add your comments to this review page.

"Excellent service from my initial enquiry to present"

123 Simples design and hosting services have given excellent service from my initial enquiry to present. I spoke to Doug and talked through my requirements and specifications for my site. Time was not on my side and I gave a very tight deadline for my site to be live.

From our first telephone conversation to having my website fully up and running was less than a week!! Any requests or changes to the website are dealt with promptly and efficiently. Replies to any e-mail or phone messages have also been answered quickly. Nothing seems a problem to the people at 123 Simples and they are always very friendly and helpful. I would recommend their services to anyone. Thanks to all at 123 Simples.

"Creative assistance with your website"

If you want reliable, cost-effective, competent and creative assistance with your website, I strongly recommend the services available at 123Simples.com. Doug has worked with various elements of my website, including Captcha solutions, form development, inserting content from other domains, various browser compatibility issues and a whole bunch of other things that I've probably forgotten; basically helping me work out all the "weird stuff" that those of us who build our own websites encounter.

The man is the quintessential "Geek's Geek" in "American-speak". (In case that reference is not clear; it is high praiseā€¦). Additionally, he does not charge enough for his services. Yes, that's what I said. I've had to insist on paying him several times for his help with "little things" that he did not want to charge me for.

That kind of honesty and integrity is refreshing anytime you encounter it. 123Simples can provide you with as little or as much help as you like; whether you want a turn-key solution or just assistance with a certain aspect of your website, they can service your needs quickly and professionally.

I can't say enough about Doug and his services.

"Very professional service from a very nice company"

Worked wonders for our business. Very professional service from a very nice company. Personal service is very high and 123 Simples have done a great job in transforming our dull out of date website into one that now receives regular hits and constant enquiries from around the area.

"The customer service team is excellent and very user-friendly"

No hesitation in recommending 123 Simples. 123 Simples have helped me with several aspects of my website. The customer service team is excellent and very user-friendly. I would not hesitate to recommend 123 Simples any time.

Points to think about

At 123 Simples we will NOT hound you into coming with us - we will present the information you need to make an informed decision, and then you either choose us, or someone else. It's that simple!

Here are some points for you to think about when choosing a web design company to take care of your website, and business.

  • Is the web design company well known.
  • Do they register your domain name in YOUR NAME or their own.
  • Have they explained everything you need to know.
  • How long have they been in business.
  • Are they open, frank and honest or do they seem to hide something.
  • Do they seem to care, or are they just after your money.

What We Offer and can do

123 Simples can build websites that complement your business and at a fraction of the cost of most web design companies. 123 Simples are a full service web design and hosting business based in Waterlooville, Portsmouth. We are passionate about our business and yours, so we craft stunning, engaging and effective websites for business owners.

We specialise in website design, responsive websites, custom web development, colourful graphics and images all designed to get your business noticed. Every website we build is coded with search engine optimised pages (SEO) as standard.

General Questions for this page:

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions regarding this particular page and its content. Advice costs you nothing!

It's always difficult to give a precise answer when you need to really know and understand what any client needs from you. Generally speaking an "average website" shouldn't cost anymore than about £500.00.

Depending on what is actually involved, the "average website" would take between 4 to 6 weeks. We have turned websites around much quicker than this but again dependent on several factors.

When the website is built, up and running we offer ALL our clients full support and updates at nominal costs. It is in our interests (and more so our customers) to make sure their website grows and keeps on getting better.

If you would like to find out more, then please contact us, or call our offices on 0330 223 2953. We don't bite, and we will try to help you where we can, without you having to sell a kidney, or other body organ just to pay for it.

I just want someone who will look after my website for me!

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