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Web Hosting Payments Policy

This policy is presented by 123 Simples, a UK based web design and hosting provider.
123 Simples outline on this page our Terms of Payment for web services such as domain name registrations, web hosting and any related web hosting products, such as software or CMS. We can accept payment(s) via Faster Payments, by cheque, or by credit and debit cards using PayPal or Stripe.

Provisioning servers:

From time to time, we (or our provisioning servers) may have to revise, change or update parts of the web hosting terms and conditions. Some areas of our web hosting terms and conditions are governed by our server provisions and therefore legally binding upon us, as well as our web hosting clients.

Where possible we work closely with our providers to ensure a stable hosting provision with limited changes.

Paying for web hosting related services and products

123 Simples outline on this page our Terms of Payment for web services such as domain name registrations, web hosting and any related web hosting products, such as software or CMS. We can accept payment(s) via BAC's (also referred to as Faster Payments), by cheque, or by credit and debit cards using PayPal or Stripe. In order for us to help keep your overheads and ours down, we suggest that payments are made using online methods such as Faster Payments. The easiest way to make payment is by using online banking. If you have used online banking before then you will find it reasonably simple to set up a one off payment to be sent for the payment(s) due.

PAYMENT BY BACS (Faster Payments)-

The BACS process is electronic, done directly via your Bank Account, and there are no surcharges for using this payment method. Payment is made within usually a matter of a few hours. You and we can track the payment having been made, and this is the preferred method of payment. To pay by FASTER PAYMENTS login to your bank account and make a payment using the details that we have provided you with.


This payment method is free and has no surcharges. To make payments by cheque please use the postal address as it appears on the bottom left hand corner of your invoice. If paying by cheque then any services requested may be delayed until the cheque payment clears. Because cheques would be posted using traditional postal services, then this all can add time to getting your services activated.


If you wish to pay by Credit or Debit Card, then we use either Paypal or Stripe UK to process the payments securely using their own online systems. Your credit (or debit) card information is protected and is never disclosed to us, and both Paypal and Stripe UK handle the transactions using secure https servers. There may be a small handling charge involved.

Any information that you share with either PayPal or Stripe UK is governed by their own specific terms and conditions. To find out more about either of these services please refer to their own sites which will give you the information about their services.
Using PayPal or
Using Stripe UK

Making your payments on time

Our payment terms are strictly as follows:
Domain Name Registrations - Domain names must be paid for in full before domain names are purchased or renewed by us. At our own discretion we may choose to automatically renew domain names and issue an invoice to you for these services. Until paid in full the domain name(s) although registered to you are still liable for payment if the domain has been renewed by us at our own expense.
Web Hosting Services - Web Hosting services are renewable annually at the prescribed rates as they appear on our web hosting overview page.

We therefore request that all payments are made as soon as you receive an invoice from us. If payments are not made within 7 days of the invoice date this may lead to disruptions on your services. If payments are made late, this may incur a late payment fee and other charges to cover costs.

Billing and Payments

All charges payable by you for the Services shall be in accordance with the scale of charges and rates published from time to time by us on our web site and shall be due and payable in advance of provision of the Services. We reserve the right to change pricing at any time although all pricing is guaranteed for the period of pre payment. Payment is due each anniversary year following the date the Services were established until closure notice is given in writing. 123 Simples operate a paperless billing system, whereby invoices are sent as generated PDF's, as attachments to any communications sent from us to you. It is your responsibility to ensure that we have the correct email address for you at all times that we can contact you on, and if your email address should change, it is your sole responsibility to update this information in your client profile at Customerzone or on the WebsitePanel Hosting Control system.

Your hosting services account will be suspended if you fail to pay any invoice on time. Invoices are raised 14 to 28 days prior to your account renewals, including hosting, domain names, etc. You should ensure that payments are made promptly to avoid any disruptions to your services we provide for you, and if for some reason you have not paid any charges due at least 7 days prior to domain renewals, we may at our sole discretion, not renew the domain name. If you do not make payments within 7 days of the due date of any service expiry date, we reserve the rights to suspend your services without warning, and we may at our discretion, remove any files, data, or stop any services as being provided still at that time, on your hosting account.
IMPORTANT: Once the domain name has expired services relating to this domain will stop working. If payments have lapsed and the account goes into suspension, then any files that are removed from the servers may be lost, and we are not liable in any way for data loss in any circumstances whatsoever.

Billing - Suspended Accounts

If your account is suspended due to a billing issue then we reserve the right to charge you an administration fee of up to £75.00 to re-instate your account. This fee does not cover any domain name fees or legal fees that we may have to pay to recover an upaid debt.

Billing - Returned Payments

If any payments are returned to us as "unpaid" then we reserve the right to charge you an administration fee of up to £25.00, plus any additional bank charges as may have been incurred by us.

If your web hosting is not paid for before the renewal date

If your web hosting package(s) are not paid for before the renewal date then 123 Simples fully reserve the rights to either:
1. At our own discretion we may choose to automatically renew the web hosting package and issue an invoice to you for these services. Until paid in full the web hosting services after this point will be considered temporary until payment is made in FULL. You are still liable for payment if the web hosting has been renewed by us at our own expense, if we believe that we are acting in *good faith on your behalf;
1.2 "Good Faith" for the avoidance of any doubt is defined as acting in the best interest of the client. The domain name and/or services that the client has paid for in the past, or frequency of contact in emails, phone calls or letters, may indicate to us that their lack of response for a renewal request was down to circumstances beyond their control at that time. As a responsible business offering these services, we would like to think of ourselves as being caring enough to deal with each specific renewal on a case by case basis. If your domain name and/or services have been renewed automatically by 123 Simples, then we have taken this course of action to protect YOUR INTERESTS and therefore we would deem you legally liable to reimburse the charges you have been invoiced for.
2. Put your hosting package into a state of "Paused" which will mean that any websites or domain names on that package may cease to function until the payment is made in full;
3. Stop your web hosting package without any further notice to yourselves, and make immediate demand for any and all payments due.

Any associated websites, email accounts or databases connected to the domain name(s) that have NOT been paid for by yourself, will cease to function on, or just after the expiry date of the domain name renewal date. We are NOT obliged to make any website backup(s) unless you may have instructed as otherwise. Please remember to remove any email accounts from your email software program to prevent error messages.

Late payments

Nobody likes to be kept waiting for payment. You would not expect to take your car to a garage, have work done and then pay for it a few months later! So we usually ask all clients to make payments promptly, when requested to do so. This helps keep everything in balance. If payments are not made on time, or within an agreed time limit, then the following conditions will apply:
1. Invoice(s) are sent out usually in advance of web hosting, domain name or SSL renewals. As each invoice raised, it will show an "Issue Date". We would expect to have cleared payment within 7 days of the invoice being sent out to you. If payment is not made within 7 days then condition 2 applies.
2. We will remind you that a payment is due for the invoice raised. Normally clients would then pay the amount outstanding at this point, and keep their account with us in order. However, if payment is not then received by us then condition 3 applies.
3. Further reminders are sent requesting payment be brought up to date (reminders may be sent by email, post or in telephone conversations with the client) and the client is extended a grace period of up to 30 days from the "Issue Date" of the invoice in which to make their payment. After the 30 day period has expired, then accounts or invoices that remain unpaid thirty (30) days after the date of the invoice will be assessed a service charge in the amount of the higher of three and one-half percent (3.5%) or £25.00 per month of the total amount due (whichever is greater). In the meanwhile, any further updates and/or changes to the website will be declined until payment is made in full, and the account is brought up to date.

Additionally, if an account does fall into arrears, and payment is then made late, it may mean that future web hosting, domain name or SSL renewals would be charged for in "advance" by us.

4. Interest on late commercial payments - After a period of 60 days from the date the invoice was raised or issued, then we reserve the right to charge in addition to section 3 of Late Payments, "statutory interest" at eight percent (8.0%) plus the Bank of England base rate.

Applicable UK VAT rates

We are NOT registered for VAT, therefore all invoice amounts are currently exempt from VAT charges (currently 20% at the time of writing), and therefore are fully inclusive.

Review of this Policy

123 Simples reserve the right to add, delete, or modify any provision of these 'Web Hosting Payments Policy' at any time without notice.
Failure to receive notification of a change does not make those changes invalid.

We keep this Policy under regular review. This Policy was last updated on 12 December 2021.

This policy represents your web hosting agreement with 123 Simples, in addition to all emails exchanged between us and yourselves. Please retain your emails for future reference in the unlikely event of any dispute. This policy is in addition to our:

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From time to time, we may have to revise the policies on our web hosting terms and conditions. Any changes or updates to these policies are normally minor and do not affect the overall agreement between both parties. However, please always make sure you do check back on this page regularly for updates.

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