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The legal bits and bobs in simple English

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This policy represents your web hosting agreement with 123 Simples, in addition to all emails exchanged between us and yourselves. Please retain your emails for future reference in the unlikely event of any dispute. This policy is subject to change, so please check regularly for updates. This policy is in addition to our
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From time to time, we (or our provisioning servers) may have to revise, change or update parts of the web hosting terms and conditions. Some parts of the web hosting terms and conditions are governed by our server provisions and therefore legally binding upon us, as well as our web hosting clients.

Your registered domain name(s)

123 Simples will on your behalf register any domain name and its extension at your request. When a domain name is registered, we will always register the domain name showing your personal name, or business name, as the legal registrant. This page explains your rights and our procedures that we can apply if certain conditions are not met.

The domain name

1. The domain name will always be registered showing you as the legal registrant. This will either show your personal name, or registered business name. Your address (home or business) will also be included in the Whois Records (unless you specify otherwise).
2. The email address for administration, technical or contact will always will show as a generic domains@123simples.com – there are various reasons for this. If you wish to know more, please feel free to ask.

Renewing the domain name

Once the domain name has been registered on your behalf, we will automatically offer to renew the domain name as and when the expiry date is due up. Generally speaking .co.uk domains are renewed every 2 years, and .com domain names every 1 year. If you would like to extend the renewal period of any domain names, please contact our Support Department. At least 28 days prior to the domain name expiry date, we will invite you to renew and make payment at the prescribed renewal rates.

Reminders are normally sent out 28 days, 14 days and 7 days prior to the actual renewal date.

If you wish to renew the domain name

If you wish to renew the domain name, then please let us know by replying to your reminder email. The sales team will have sent you a reminder email, and all you have to do is reply, and let us know whether or not, you would like us to renew the domain name for you.

Once you have confirmed your decision to proceed with the domain name(s) renewal, our sales team will send out an invoice (usually 14 days prior to the renewal date) for payment. Renewal payments MUST BE MADE prior to the actual domain expiry date to ensure no disruption to your services.

If you decide not to renew a domain name

If you make the decision NOT to renew any domain name(s), and you have told us about this by a confirmation email, or instructed us by telephone or letter, then 123 Simples at their sole discretion, may decide to renew the domain name at our own expense.

If this happens, then we will consider ourselves legally entitled to offer it for sale at any price we may decide upon through one of our own websites or website parking providers.

PLEASE NOTE - If the domain renewal is NOT paid by yourself, but instead paid solely by 123 Simples, then we will have no legal obligation whatsoever to you or your business, to re-imburse you in any way whatsoever. Any monies received by us for selling a domain name that you have NOT paid us for, will not be recoverable by yourselves.
The renewal fee that you pay for the domain name registration is an annual, bi-annual or depending on how many years you may have opted to pay for in between renewals. In other words you "own" the domain name only as long as you keep paying for it. In this sense, the actual "ownership" of any domain name is not like the ownership of a physical object, for example a motor vehicle that you may buy outright, where once you have paid for it, you own it permanently. Instead, domain name renewals are more similar to a rental fee, where as long as you pay the renewal fee (or "rent"), then you can continue to decide what happens with the domain name.

If domain names are not paid for before the renewal date

If domain names are not paid for before the renewal date then 123 Simples fully reserve the rights to either:
1. At our own discretion we may choose to automatically renew domain names and issue an invoice to you for these services. Until paid in full the domain name(s) although registered to you are still liable for payment if the domain has been renewed by us at our own expense, if we believe that we are acting in *good faith on your behalf;
1.2 "Good Faith" for the avoidance of any doubt is defined as acting in the best interest of the client. The domain name and/or services that the client has paid for in the past, or frequency of contact in emails, phone calls or letters, may indicate to us that their lack of response for a renewal request was down to circumstances beyond their control at that time. As a responsible business offering these services, we would like to think of ourselves as being caring enough to deal with each specific renewal on a case by case basis. If your domain name and/or services have been renewed automatically by 123 Simples, then we have taken this course of action to protect YOUR INTERESTS and therefore we would deem you legally liable to reimburse the charges you have been invoiced for.
2. Allow the domain name registration to lapse, in which case any services, websites, or associated email services relating to that domain name, will cease to function;
3. Take "ownership" of the unpaid domain name by paying for it ourselves, and at our sole discretion, use the domain name as we may see fit, sell or leave it lying dormant.

Any associated websites, email accounts or databases connected to the domain name(s) that have NOT been paid for by yourself, will cease to function on, or just after the expiry date of the domain name renewal date. We are NOT obliged to make any website backup(s) unless you may have instructed as otherwise. Please remember to remove any email accounts from your email software program to prevent error messages.

If you would like us to try to sell the domain name on your behalf

If you have renewed and paid for the domain name renewal itself, but do not need or use a website in connection with that domain name, then you might like to consider asking us to put the domain name up for sale on your behalf. Our site Domains For Sale allows us to display and offer your domain name for sale. For more details and brokerage fees relating to selling a domain name on your behalf, please visit Nuts For Domains.

Changes to the web hosting domain(s) payment policy

123 Simples reserves the right to add, delete, or modify any provision of these 'Web Hosting Domain Names Policy' at any time without notice.
Failure to receive notification of a change does not make those changes invalid.

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