Leaving Us

Leaving Us

Terms of Service

Thinking of leaving us? 123 Simples are sorry to hear you're thinking of leaving us, and if we have done something wrong, we would love the chance to put it right. If you would like to review your reasons for wishing to leave, or are experiencing issues that you feel we may be able to help you with, then get in touch with us by email. We will do our best to help you.

If however, you have already spoken with us, or still are intent on leaving us, then we have prepared this page with a list of questions, answers and advice to help you make sure this is the right decision to take.

Key Points & Questions

Generally speaking there should be no costs involved in moving your domain name(s) to another provider. However, depending on the time involved, or if there are additional requests made by a client, then we do reserve the right to make a nominal charge per domain name switched over to another provider.
Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee it will. Most of our websites are designed to run on WINDOWS BASED SERVERS (some may have been modified to work on LINUX BASED SERVERS), but most will only work on a windows server. If you speak with us in advance, and tell us who will be providing your web hosting services in future, we should be able to advise you.

We accept no liability for any website being transferred to another provider. It will be down to your new provider to assist you with any possible issues.
ALL websites managed by 123 Simples have tracking and analytics software supplied as part of your package for as long as you remain with us. If you are moving to another provider however, then these will be switched off, and it will be down to your new provider to offer you whatever systems they deem worthy.
Ideally you should ask your new provider to setup the same email address - for example if you were using sales@mywebsite.com with us, then ask your new provider to setup the same email address for you.

What you do need to remember however, is that you will need to change email settings to make sure the email address works with the new server settings. Additionally, any emails stored on our servers would be lost unless you make your own backup.
No you won't be able to transfer your current SSL Certificate from our hosting to another web hosting service. You would need to contact your new provider and ask them to setup a new SSL Certificate for you on their own servers.
Typically, moving a website from one server to another has no issues at all BUT if you then make any other changes to the site, such as changing URL's in the design process, this will affect the website ranking, and additionally return a number of 404 errors (page not found errors).
Probably not, because each server will have its own settings for web based scripts such as contact forms. We do not guarantee that any parts of your website (especially if they have been modified to work on our own servers) will be compatible with another service provider.

Review of this Policy

123 Simples reserve the right to add, delete, or modify any provision of these 'Thinking Of Leaving Us' at any time without notice.
Failure to receive notification of a change does not make those changes invalid.

We keep this Policy under regular review. This Policy was last updated in August 2021.

This policy represents your web design agreement with 123 Simples, in addition to all emails exchanged between us and yourselves. Please retain your emails for future reference in the unlikely event of any dispute. This policy is in addition to our:

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From time to time, we may have to revise the policies on our web design terms and conditions. Any changes or updates to these policies are normally minor and do not affect the overall agreement between both parties. However, please always make sure you do check back on this page regularly for updates.

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