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Finding help and support at 123 Simples

Support options from 123 Simples

At 123 Simples we do have a support area available for both web hosting and web design customers. Our new Client Services allows all registered clients to have access to their accounts, see additional knowledgebase articles, and open support tickets if they need to contact us urgently.

If you are already an existing customer of 123 Simples then you will have been sent the login information that you will require to access your account online.

Remote Support

Teamviewer Support

Require remote support? If so, click on this button below, and download and install our remote assistance software. Once installed, we will ask you to provide us with a code unique to your computer to allow us to help you. Remote Assistance Software provided by Team Viewer.

Remote Access and Support over the Internet with TeamViewer

Client Services

Client Area Login

123 Simples have been working steadily to build up a client only knowledgebase of articles, help and advice. The client area contains additional help and resources specifically for clients of 123 Simples, and if you are an existing customer you will be able to login, and view these detailed articles.

Client Login

"123 Simples are a local web design company who have worked with our business in a brilliant manner
It's good to have a web design company who can offer a personal service."