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There are countless web design companies around, and 123 Simples are just one of many to choose from. We don't make bold claims about how good we are, how much better we are, or that we are the only reputable business to use. However, we do believe that by choosing 123 Simples, your business will stand to benefit from our experience and style.

123 Simples are located in Waterlooville, Portsmouth. Most of our clients are local to us, but we have created websites for people in the UK and the United States. We work hard to make sure your website gets noticed.

123 Simples build websites for many clients who don't have the time, or the inclination to end up like many people do, with a website that never gets found on the internet. A 8 to 12 page website will cost on average about £525.00 from start to finish.

It includes everything apart from website domain names, and web hosting which need to be purchased separately. We supply web design clients with affordable web hosting packages, and we will take care of your hosting and domain name renewals at an additional cost. We will design, build, and put in place on page SEO as part of your package - this comes as standard. Any images such as website logos or graphics that we cannot design in house, may need to be purchased, depending on what you need from us. We will always advise you in advance, and won't simply send you a invoice for something!

If you are one of our web design clients, then we can provide web hosting on a yearly renewal starting from just £44.95 per year. As your business grows, we can grow with you, offering extended web hosting packages to meet your needs. We are an authorised reseller of web hosting and domain names - this means that your website is always protected. We use only UK based web servers, and only the best web hosting will do. Like you, we want our websites to be online 99.9% of the time, not up and down because someone wanted to cut corners on technology and hardware!

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There are many pages of information on our website for you to read or you can simply contact us and ask us a question. We don't bite, and we will try to help you where we can, without you having to sell a kidney, or other body organ just to pay for it.

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"123 Simples are a local web design company who have worked with our business in a brilliant manner
It's good to have a web design company who can offer a personal service."