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Part Managed Websites

Professional web design management with client interaction

Let us get you started, and then YOU and we work on the website

Basically a part managed website is a website designed, built and maintained primarily by us, BUT you can have access to areas of the website that may need frequent updates, or will benefit from having a newsletter, blogging or content managed system running side by side of the main website itself. The main areas of the website are custom built by 123 Simples, but then we add areas which will use certain types of web based software, that will allow clients access to add and update sections themselves.

123 Simples offer a cost effective solution by building the website for you, and maintaining it, updating and improving where necessary your website for you. But also the added benefit of web based software systems allow clients who would really like to, have their own input into their website. Where necessary, we can setup and help you to get to grips with these software based systems, and as a professional business, our aim is to support and train you to run this area of your own website.

Updates are carried out thereafter at the clients requests, and we make sure that the website is growing, not stagnating! Best of all, it frees YOU up so you can concentrate on your own business, but gives you the opportunity to learn new skills and have input into your own website too!

Websites built to individual specifications

123 Simples can build you a clean, professional and easy to navigate website. Although this type of website will not give you the opportunity to update content yourself directly, it does not mean that your website will be less efficient than a CMS. On the contrary it means that your website can be built to individual specifications, and unlike Content Management Systems which can rely on frequent software updates by the vendor, a 123 Simples Managed Website means that you can concentrate on your business, whilst we concentrate on your website for you.

On average a client request update for a Managed Website Solution is taken care of within 4 hours during working hours. A client may send us an email to request a page change, or some addition on the page, and we normally action such requests promptly. We have worked with many clients who trust our skills and judgement when it comes to their website, and this has freed them from the burden of having to learn and understand how a Content Management System works.


  • Custom designed and built for individual specifications
  • Allows partial interaction by client to update certain areas of the website
  • Some clients find it useful to have a newsletter or blogging system
  • Main website files are updated by 123 Simples, and client has input too
  • Usually requires a database and client still needs to learn some technical aspects

"123 Simples are a local web design company who have worked with our business in a brilliant manner
It's good to have a web design company who can offer a personal service."