Marketing your business

Marketing your business

Digital Marketing

Marketing your business online is something that many people do not understand, or worse still they are taken in by companies promising them the earth but at horrendous costs. Maybe this will strike a chord with you:

Do you need targeted visitors and better search engine positions for your website? Get MORE Likes, Followers & Views for your website Fast! Are you interested in improving your rankings in the search engines? There is a massive amount of traffic and sales available for those in the top spots!

It all sounds too good to be true, and basically that's because it's not true. In fact, no web designer or marketing specialist company should ever promise you anything. All we can do is our best to make sure you have a decent website that Google will index accordingly, and a social media prescence that helps your business find new customers. If however, you want to pay us a small fortune (usually most companies selling this kind of stuff will charge £££'s per month) then yes by all means pay us for some smoke and mirrors.

123 Simples Waterlooville Web Design and Hosting Services

We Provide

  • Bespoke web designs for business.
  • UK based web hosting for your website.
  • Domain Name Registration Services.
  • Custom Graphics & Logos.
  • We support our customers and look after them.

123 Simples can build websites that complement your business and at a fraction of the cost of most web design companies. 123 Simples are a full service web design and hosting business based in Waterlooville, Portsmouth. We are passionate about our business and yours, so we craft stunning, engaging and effective websites for business owners.

We specialise in website design, responsive websites, custom web development, colourful graphics and images all designed to get your business noticed. Every website we build is coded with search engine optimised pages (SEO) as standard.

If you still need help, or we may not have made things clear on this page, then let us know. We can add it later! Send us an email, and we can hopefully answer your question(s).

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Services We Offer

As a web design business, we are skilled in and offer the following types of services for clients.