Simples BUSINESS Hosting

The 123 Simples BUSINESS Web Hosting package is geared for companies who have several different websites, or require additional optional extras, such as more websites, more email accounts. We take care of everything for you, from setting up the domain name(s), website hosting, email accounts, FTP accounts and lots more besides. Our Simples Web Hosting Packages are designed for new clients, or people who have tried other web hosting companies and then realised it was a little more difficult than they first thought. If you go with 123 Simples, then you will love the way we work!

  • Available for any web design client using 123 Simples.
  • Setup, management and support taken care of by us.
  • Your domain names are safe - they are registered to you.
  • We upload your newly created website to the servers for you.
  • We setup and manage any other necessary services in connection with your hosting.
  • We take care of domain name renewals, and hosting renewals for you.

Simples BUSINESS Hosting

  • Windows Server 2016
  • Diskspace 1000MB
  • Websites (Hosted) x4
  • Mail Accounts x10
  • Simples STANDARD Support
  • Bandwidth 1000 MB
  • Domains x5
  • Sub-Domains x5
  • FTP Accounts x4
  • Max Mailbox Size 500MB (per mailbox)
  • Mail Forwardings x10
  • Mail Groups 2/10
  • SQL Server Database x0
  • MySQL Server Database x0
  • Exempt from 14 day trial or refund
  • ORDER CODE HP-1600

I just want someone who will look after my website for me!

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