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At 123 Simples we get asked very similar questions about our web hosting services from most clients. Therefore, we have put together a list of the most common questions and answers to help you make an informed choice about choosing a web hosting provider or another.

The only difference is that the Simples Web Hosting Packages were designed for use primarily by clients who wanted us to design and build their websites for them. We wanted to be able to offer our web design clients affordable hosting packages that they could benefit from. Our preferred hosting partner solution offers additional web hosting packages aimed more at people who build their own websites, or would like to become resellers of web hosting in their own right.

Basically we have added further hosting packages to satisfy customers who are merely looking for web hosting options. Although we can provide hosting packages for our web design clients, we felt that it was helpful to give people much more choice when looking for web hosting. Our preferred web hosting options allow customers who are happy just to have better web hosting, faster speeds and great support, to opt for any of these choices if they would like to.

We believe that by offering customers alternatives for their web hosting requirements, they will be getting the best option available. Our preferred hosting provider has been in business since 2001, providing support and hosting to 1000's of happy customers.

Our preferred hosting partner solution offers excellent 24/7 support systems, and has the team behind them to deliver high end quality support and service to their customers, night or day. 123 Simples can only offer limited support for the web hosting packages it offers, albeit that our customers have never had reason to complain (yet).

Our preferred web hosting partners have the necessary web hosting infrastructure in place already. They have the facilities that customers require to make sure that their websites operate 99.9% of the time, and they have the support teams in place along with technical backups.

Help in choosing a hosting provider

How do I choose a web hosting company?

When it comes to choosing a web hosting provider, you need to know what type of hosting you're going to need. It depends on what type of website you might be building, what kind of resources you might require - just because some web hosts offer "Unlimited" this and that, doesn't mean it has no limits, or that you even need it. Web hosting prices vary, and some companies have cheeky little add on prices hidden away. Finally, choose a web host with which you can grow and expand if needs be.

Isn't cheaper better!

That's a bit like comparing beefburgers! And most people will agree that there's nothing like a decent burger. You will find cheap hosting, but really what are you buying into. Underneath that price, is it hiding possible problems of frequent downtimes, slow connections, one server sharing thousands of websites - worse still the server being compromised by hackers because they don't mind hosting dodgy websites.

Our recommended web hosting partner solutions

Our recommended web hosting partner solutions are companies that we have been with for a long time. We trust them, and that is why we can recommend them.

I just want someone who will look after my website for me!

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