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Supporting Local Charities

123 Simples support local charities

Charities and Giving

123 Simples, like most business owners, actively help when they can in support of charity organisations and groups who give up their own time, and help raise funds for worthwhile causes.

We support the NSPCC with a monthly payment to help this worthwhile charity look after and care for children, not only in the United Kingdom, but worldwide.

Ickle Pickles

One charity very close to our hearts is the Ickle Pickles Charity. This charity seeks to offer much needed intensive care equipment for the smallest, and sickest babies who need care in Neonatal Units. Every year 20,000 babies will need care and support from the NeoNatal Units in the UK.

Ickle Pickles Greenroom at Asda

You can help support all Ickle Pickles

The Ickle Pickle Partnership helps turn gifts, donations and money into real equipment that these little babies need to help them have a chance to survive. The charity is very small when you compare it to larger charities, but we love them, and all the Ickle Pickles they help to live on.

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