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Content Management Systems

YOU need to learn a lot

What is a client only CMS website?

A client only CMS (Content Management System) is when a client has FULL control over their own website. It means that you will be using a web based software system, perhaps Wordpress or something similar, where you would have access to login and then create, edit, change or delete pages. You can upload images, create your own links and type in your own text.

123 Simples can offer these types of solutions to clients, and once you have been setup with your new website, you then take over the day to day management and running of it. Where necessary, we can provide help and assistance for you at affordable hourly rates and if you choose this type of system, we won't just leave you high and dry and on your own. Not unless you prefer it that way.

Unlike the Fully Managed or Part Managed Website built options however, this type of Client Management System will and does rely heavily on software that we have no control over. Whilst we can advise, help and support you, we cannot always guarantee that your website may not have issues using third party add-ons or plugins. Also, CMS software can be subject to hacks and attacks from outside sources, and therefore username and password security is so important.

My friends tell me that CMS is the way forward

Whilst some will say that a CMS website is the best solution for businesses to use, it also can have drawbacks which many people won't even tell you about. A CMS (or Content Management System) is probably very good for websites that sell products, or need frequent changes and updates. However, having said that 123 Simples offer affordability when it comes to our client websites, so even updates that are frequent, don't cost the earth.

One of the most popular content management systems is Wordpress, and whilst Wordpress is an exceptional CMS, often problems arise when users install different plugins and themes. With a Managed Solution from 123 Simples we create specific websites which do not rely heavily on plugins, and numerous scripts, which although may look pretty, are often targets of hackers and individuals who like to mess around.

A CMS website has advantages, but also disadvantages. It is up to each person to decide which works best for them.


  • Various themes and layouts are available to choose from
  • Client will generally have full control over every aspect of their website
  • 123 Simples offer a paid for support system to step in and help
  • Usually will require a database to run and manage the CMS
  • Relies on third party software applications and plugins that can be flawed
  • Relies on client being able to get to grips with understanding how the system works
  • Essential to have good secure username and passwords to prevent hacking
  • Web based software may require frequent security updates
  • Cannot be built in 5 minutes as many CMS vendors claim. Takes time

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