Understanding the File System

The file system -

Each domain name hosted by 123 Simples that uses a website will have a home directory named after the primary domain name specific to that website. Example would be mywebsite.com. Inside each directory (you can also call them folders) there is a specific structure that needs to be followed and maintained, in order for your website to function correctly.

Hosting File Manager Image 1

In the image above a typical directory has 3 main branches - these are db, logs and wwwroot - 3 directories or 3 folders whichever way you like to look at them. We always use the word directories for any files uploaded onto a server.

Understanding the directory -

The 'db' directory is a folder that the web server, and your website scripts (website scripts are types of web based software such as OpenCart, Zen Cart, Wordpress) have full access to. However, this folder is NOT DIRECTLY accessible by your website visitors. This is therefore a good place to store any Microsoft Access databases or data files so they can not be downloaded by a hacker.

The 'logs' directory is a folder that contains the raw log files for your site.

The 'wwwroot' directory is the folder that contains your main website files, scripts, images, css, javascript and all the files that go into making your website appear in a web based browser.

A typical wwwroot directory would look something like this:

File Manager Image 2

In every website 'wwwroot' directory there are 2 files when your first setup the web hosting (or we have set it up for you). The first file is the HOLDING PAGE - a file called _holding.htm. This file can remain on the server with no issues because as soon as a HOMEPAGE file is uploaded - index.htm or default.htm - then the HOMEPAGE will naturally replace the HOLDING PAGE.

The other file is called 'web.config'. DO NOT DELETE THIS FILE at all. If you do, your website will not function!

Hosting File Manager Image 3

Last Updated: 25/02/2018 18:21