Using Gmail to check email accounts

Using Gmail to check and retrieve mail from other accounts -

You can use Gmail to check and retrieve mail from other accounts. In fact, Gmail can retrieve mail from up to five POP accounts. You can even send email using these accounts' addresses right from Gmail if you choose to enable this option. Once you've set up Gmail to retrieve mail from other accounts, emails will be delivered into your Gmail Inbox.

Due to recent changes in the way our server handles email accounts to protect website domains and IP addresses from being black-listed, we are encouraging users to look at improved ways of handling their email addresses.

Option 1 (which is our personal preferred method) is to setup the email accounts using Outlook, Thunderbird or other PC / Linux desktop email software.
Option 2 is to use WebMail - again very easy to setup and you can access emails anywhere in the world. WebMail can be logged into from any desktop PC, tablet or smartphone - you can even create your own smartphone 'App Icon' so you can get there fast.
Option 3 is to use Gmail to check your email accounts which again can be done quite easily. Because email addresses are accessible by POP or IMAP, however, that means Gmail can collect it.

Adding an SMTP domain name email address to Gmail -

1. Login to your Gmail account. Once logged in, select the gear icon top right hand corner, and choose Settings from the dropdown list shown.

Use Gmail to setup a SMTP Account

2. On the tabs under Settings choose the Accounts and Import tab, and where it says 'Check email from other accounts' select Add an email account.

Use Gmail to setup a SMTP Account

3. On the pop up window Add an email account, type in the email address you would like to check through Gmail and select Next.

Use Gmail to setup a SMTP Account

4. On the next screen, select Import emails from my other account (POP3) and select Next.

Use Gmail to setup a SMTP Account

5. On the next screen it will ask you to enter the mail settings for the email account you are adding onto Gmail.
You need to enter your Username - in our case your Username is your actual email address,
Enter the password for the email account you have been provided with,
In the POP Server box you would enter
Port 110

On the box choices it will ask you to select:
Leave a copy of retrieved message on the server - this should be EMPTY and unchecked to prevent messages building up on the server;
Always use a secure connection (SSL) when retrieving mail - this box should be CHECKED;
Label incoming messages - it is up to you how you wish to label the incoming messages for this account. If you wish to label them then CHECK this box, otherwise leave it blank and the messages will be delivered straight into your Inbox;
Archive incoming messages (Skip the Inbox) - leave this UNCHECKED.
Select Next.

Use Gmail to setup a SMTP Account

6. On the next screen you should see a message saying you can now retrieve mail from this account.
Would you also like to be able to send mail as If you wish to now be able to SEND EMAILS from the domain email address, then choose Yes, otherwise choose No. If you select No you can always change this later.

Use Gmail to setup a SMTP Account

This method allows you to check email accounts all through GMail, without having to sign into multiple email addresses. If you reply to the sender however, please note you will be replying from your own Gmail email address. If you wish to be able to SEND EMAILS from the newly created account, then you need to enter some more information to do this.

Last Updated: 29/09/2019 16:58