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Welcome to the 123 Simples Support System

Submitting a Support Ticket: Only registered users and clients of 123 Simples will be able to submit a support ticket.

Knowledgebase: Our knowledgebase, help and faq sections are available for anyone to look at. If you are just using our web hosting, then we have lots of articles and information to help you.

Support Ticket Queue Time: We try to answer support tickets within one business day, but depending on the current load the wait time can be slightly longer.

Please Note adding a new ticket: Every time you post a new comment before we have a chance to respond your tickets gets unintentionally bumped to the bottom of the queue since tickets on our end are sorted from oldest to newest in terms of last comment posted. If you have additional comments prior to us responding, please edit them into the initial post.

To get started, please login or request an account if you do have your registration details.

Before submitting a support ticket, check our knowledgebase first. If you cannot find the answer you need, then login, and remember to include:

  • as much information as possible explaining your issue
  • if you can send us some screenshots that will help
  • the URL of your website, or your hosting account ID number
  • if this is a Wordpress issue, or another CMS we may need to know your login credentials

Thank you for using our services as always, and we hope you find this additional support system helpful.

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