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29 October 2011 - Posted by 123 Simples, in 123 Simples News

During the last several weeks and months, our web design team have been really busy updating and modifying the 123 Simples site. Of course, our clients always take priority, so for visitors to our UK based website sometimes they must wonder if we have been doing anything at all! This weekend however, we have found some extra time to go back through the entire site, and "tweak" a few things, such as creating a better navigation system at the top of all the web pages.

Over the last few months, 123 Simples have been steadily progressing with more client projects. Because of our commitment to customers this has meant that some of our own "personal projects" have taken a back seat, and quite rightly so. At 123 Simples we are committed to putting our clients first and foremost, so our advertising site (although in progress) has been put on hold for the time being.

As you will notice our newsletter section is now being replaced by our new Blog Area, and so we look forward to being able to keep it updated with latest news and developments from 123 Simples. If you have any questions about our web design services or web hosting services, or require Search Engine Optimization, please contact us.

123 Simples Admin Team
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