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123 Simples Website Changes

09 February 2014 - Posted by Doug, in 123 Simples News

As we are still experiencing probably the worse weather in the UK (with rain and wind) we at 123 Simples thought it was time to give the website a nice overhaul. Obviously we have to do this in between client jobs and projects (which does not give us a lot of time at best) but the site pages are being uploaded over the last few days and weeks and we apologise whilst the pages are being updated if you cannot find a specific page you may have been looking for.

Our sales and tech teams are still working, so any queries you may have, please just ask

Thanks for your patience
123 Simples Admin Team
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PHP 5.2 Support Being Retired in February 2014

06 February 2014 - Posted by Doug, in Network Announcements

PHP 5.2 is no-longer supported and we will therefore be updating all Windows Server 2008 R2 Hosting Packages to PHP 5.4.

Starting the week of 17th February 2014 we will begin updating all Windows 2008 R2 servers to PHP 5.4. If your website is using PHP please make sure that it is compatible with this newer version of PHP.

Commencement of work: Start Date: 17th February 2014

Service Impact: This will affect customers on our Windows Server 2008 R2 Hosting Packages. Customers on our Windows 2012 Hosting Packages are already using PHP 5.4.

Reason for the changes:
PHP 5.2 is no-longer supported which can lead servers and customers websites exposed to vulnerabilities that would not be patched.

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Christmas 2013 Opening Times

24 December 2013 - Posted by Tracey, in Network Announcements

As a 24/7/365 company, 123 Simples and their Provider Support Services team will operate our normal out-of-hours procedure over the festive period with support available as usual through the Client Area Support Ticket System and Engineers monitoring all systems night and day to ensure there are no outages.

If you need to phone us for any reason our phone lines will be open at the following times during the festive period.

Monday 23rd December: Normal Hours
Tuesday 24th December: 8:00 – 12:00
Christmas Day:   CLOSED
Boxing Day:  CLOSED
Friday 27th December: 8:00 – 12:00
Monday 30th December: 8:00 – 16:00      
Tuesday 31st December: 8:00 – 16:00                   
Wednesday 1st January: CLOSED        
Thursday 2nd January: Normal Hours

We would like to wish all our customers a Good Christmas and a Happy New Year.
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Please open the document i uploaded for you using Google docs

16 October 2013 - Posted by Doug, in Scams E-Mails and Hoaxes

E-Mail Hoax and Scam using Google Docs

Please open the document i uploaded for you using Google docs is how the content of this scam email starts off. On 14th October 2013 one of our business colleagues had their online AOL email account compromised, and emails were being sent out to their entire contact list. The email read as follows:


Please open the document i uploaded for you using Google docs.
Click here just sign in with your email to view the document its very important.

Thank you.

The link took people to a website page that looks like this image below:

Scam Hoax Google Docs

The web page did not flag up any alerts on anti virus systems (because the web page does NOT contain any viruses) , and because the email was sent from a recognised email address on your own contact list (even using the signature of the sender) it seemed quite believable that the link was genuine. The page has various buttons as you can see, AOL, Gmail, Yahoo, Windows Live and Other E-Mails for users to click on.

Clicking the specific button then asked the user to enter their email address and password - if you then do this you are inadvertently being scammed, as the web page then will record your email address and the password you entered, and then the criminals will have direct access to your own email account, contact lists, and any emails in your system.

The dangers:

These people are praying on you making a mistake. Most web based email systems are very useful, but also remember that if you have weak passwords, or weak user-names, then if your web based email systems are hacked into by using this kind of hoax, then ANY emails in your system will be accessible by them.

This might be emails that contain banking information, confidential information, account names, account details, online shopping emails - the list is practically endless!

Please warn others about this.
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Nikki attempts the Great South Run

29 June 2013 - Posted by Tracey, in Charity Support

Nikki attempts the Great South Run on 27 October 2013 - in aid of funds for the Ickle Pickle's Charity.

The fast and flat 10 mile route takes in the iconic sites of the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard including Portsmouth Cathedral, Spinnaker Tower and the HMS Victory- which has played host to the Band of HM Royal Marines, who often perform for passing runners at the iconic site. The final flat stretch along the sea front has given thousands of people the opportunity to get a personal best time for more than twenty years.

Nikki says:
So we all know I am not sporty or have any kind of level of fitness.....But this year I am running the Great South Run for an amazing charity, Ickle Pickles. The charity turn gifts and donations into equipment for neonatal units to help provide care for premature and sick babies.

Our miracle boy Jameson was born a little early but very sick and we were so close to not having him with us today. He suffered a very serious and rare condition but made it home thanks to the amazing staff and equipment at QA Hospital. The demand for this equipment is rising as the amount of babies needing intensive care is on the increase. So please help us to get the Neonatal units this vital equipment!!

If you would like to help and offer your support, why not pop along to Nikki's Fund Raiser Page and make a donation to help support this worthwhile cause

To find out more about the Ickle Pickle Charity who help neonatal units by raising much needed cash, please visit The Ickle Pickles website.

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