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Domain Name Prices March 2015

09 February 2015 - Posted by Doug, in Network Announcements

Updated Domain Registration Pricing
Announcement 9th February 2015

Effective from 1st March 2015 we will be altering some of our domain registration prices. For a few years now, we have absorbed price increases for domain name costs, but regrettably some domain name extensions have being going up in price. Many factors have increased the price we can pay for domain name registrations, including prices set by domain registries, increasing costs for credit card transactions, and how the US Dollar fares against UK Pound Sterling.

Whilst some domain name renewals remain unchanged, there have been some slight increases we need to implement. Our prices for domain name registrations still remain very competitive and in many cases, remain the cheapest in the UK. Also, unlike some providers there are no "hidden extras" and annual renewal costs are always presented up front and in a transparent way. Prices shown below are in UK Pound Sterling. Domain prices quoted are for web hosting customers based in the United Kingdom. We DO NOT provide web hosting to countries outside of the United Kingdom.

.uk 1 year @7.50 - Price HELD
co.uk 1 year @7.50
.com 1 year @12.50
.net 1 year @12.50
.org.uk 1 year @7.50
.org 1 year @13.75 - Price HELD
.info 1 year @12.50

.uk 2 year @13.75 - Price HELD
co.uk 2 year @11.00
.com 2 year @22.00
.net 2 year @22.00
.org.uk 2 year @11.00
.org 2 year @25.95 - Price HELD
.info 2 year @22.00

.uk 3 year @19.25 - Price HELD
co.uk 3 year @16.50
.com 3 year @31.00
.net 3 year @31.00
.org.uk 3 year @16.50
.org 3 year @34.50 - Price HELD
.info 3 year @31.00

.uk 5 year @29.95 - Price HELD
co.uk 5 year @25.00
.com 5 year @51.50
.net 5 year @51.50
.org.uk 5 year @25.00
.org 5 year @55.25 - Price HELD
.info 5 year @51.50

.uk 10 year @54.25 - Price HELD
co.uk 10 year @49.50
.com 10 year @101.50
.net 10 year @101.50
.org.uk 10 year @49.50
.org 10 year @104.25 - Price HELD
.info 10 year @101.50
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Your ID (email address) will be deactivated shortly

08 September 2014 - Posted by Tracey, in Scams E-Mails and Hoaxes

Please be aware that some of our clients have received spam messages with the following information:

From: "Mail" <#email address removed>
Date: 4 July 2014 19:03:21 BST
To: #email address removed
Subject: Your Id #email address removed will be deactivated shortly
User id #email address removed
Mail is holding the message you sent because your email address is not verified. Please be advised that your account will be deactivated shortly. Please click the link below, this will take you to a verification page. verification is a one-time process which takes only a few seconds.

Verification: Identify Your Id (LINK REMOVED)
Please be aware that if you do not complete verification within 4 days, Mail will automatically deactivated this ID
#email address removed
Thank you,

We must advise all clients (and anyone else that may receive similar messages with whomever you host with) that these messages are designed to trick you into giving away your email passwords so hackers may access your email account(s).
All messages sent to our clients are sent through a valid email address, and we would NEVER simply remove any email account from our systems in such a manner.
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Network Connectivity - Worldwide Outage

13 August 2014 - Posted by Doug, in Network Announcements

During the past 24 hours many of our customers have been affected by connectivity issues to services hosted by 123 Simples through their server provider.

The cause was due to a worldwide outage that affected Cisco BGP Routers around the world when their routing tables reached their limits causing outages to many ISP's and organisations.

The page below on ITProPortal has more detailed information on the worldwide outage which also affected BT, Virgin, Comcast, eBay, Amazon and many others:-


While the 123 Simples and their server provider network was unaffected by this as we do not use Cisco Routers, regrettably our upstream providers were affected causing some of our customers to be unable to connect to our services hosted at our Data Centre here in Poole and Pulsant's Data Centre in Maidenhead where we host back services including backup Mail Servers.

123 Simples sincerely apologises for any inconvenience caused. 
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Check your rights to .uk

24 June 2014 - Posted by Doug, in 123 Simples News

Check your rights to .uk

For the majority of you the new .uk equivalent domain would have been automatically reserved for you from launch on 10 June 2014.

Do I have to rush out and buy the .UK Domain Extension?
Probably not. The reason being if you have already got the qualifying .co.uk domain name, then the new .UK extension (without co uk in front of it) will have been reserved for you.

When the new domain name extension was launched in June 2014, Nominet had to make sure that existing owners of the co.uk extensions were given priority to order the .UK extension first! This means that providing you own a qualifying domain name with a .co.uk extension, you will be entitled to buy the .UK extension anytime between now and 10th June 2019. To check your qualification why not visit Dot Uk Launch to find out more.

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16 May 2014 - Posted by Trace, in Easy Learning

Our easy learning articles - http://www.123simples.com/articles/ - cover some basic information topics that people will find useful. However, to keep up and make sure that we can provide as many articles as possible covering different techno subjects, then we have decided to put them into one blogging category. Watch out for new updates and additions to this section.

Thanks for your patience
123 Simples Admin Team
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