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Domain Price Increase - .UK, .CO.UK, .ORG.UK, .ME.UK

24 December 2015 - Posted by Trace, in 123 Simples News

Nominet the body that manges the UK name space have informed us they are increasing the wholesale price for all registrars of UK domains from the 1st March 2016 and will no-longer be providing lower rates for multiple year registrations.

Currently 123 Simples provide UK domains names registered for multiple years at discounted rates, depending on how many years you wish to renew a domain name for. As of the 1st March 2016 UK domain registrations will be charged by 123 Simples at the prices quoted on the relevant registration page.

Those of you who register your UK domains for 1 year will not be affected by the price increase.

To take advantage of the current prices for UK domains please renew your domain early up to a maximum of 10 years and safe guard your domain at the current price.

The domain extensions that will be affected by this price increase are listed below;

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Check your rights to .uk

24 June 2014 - Posted by Doug, in 123 Simples News

Check your rights to .uk

For the majority of you the new .uk equivalent domain would have been automatically reserved for you from launch on 10 June 2014.

Do I have to rush out and buy the .UK Domain Extension?
Probably not. The reason being if you have already got the qualifying .co.uk domain name, then the new .UK extension (without co uk in front of it) will have been reserved for you.

When the new domain name extension was launched in June 2014, Nominet had to make sure that existing owners of the co.uk extensions were given priority to order the .UK extension first! This means that providing you own a qualifying domain name with a .co.uk extension, you will be entitled to buy the .UK extension anytime between now and 10th June 2019. To check your qualification why not visit Dot Uk Launch to find out more.

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123 Simples Website Changes

09 February 2014 - Posted by Doug, in 123 Simples News

As we are still experiencing probably the worse weather in the UK (with rain and wind) we at 123 Simples thought it was time to give the website a nice overhaul. Obviously we have to do this in between client jobs and projects (which does not give us a lot of time at best) but the site pages are being uploaded over the last few days and weeks and we apologise whilst the pages are being updated if you cannot find a specific page you may have been looking for.

Our sales and tech teams are still working, so any queries you may have, please just ask

Thanks for your patience
123 Simples Admin Team
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Website Cookies

06 October 2012 - Posted by Tracey, in 123 Simples News

EU Cookie Directive, is your Website Ready?

Effective from 26th May 2012 UK websites will be required to comply with the EU Cookie Directive as outlined on the UK Information Commissionaire’s Office (ICO) website. UK websites will be given up to 12 months to comply with the new Directive. If your website is not in compliance you could be fined up to £500,000.

Under the EU Cookie Directive any cookie deemed as 'non-essential' that is set by your website or through scripts embedded in your webpages will need to be opt-in and would require consent from the visitor before you can set cookies in their browser.

Many websites owners may not realise that their website set cookies, but if you use Google AdSense, Google Analytics or similar then your website will be settings cookies in the browsers of people visiting your website.

For customers of 123 Simples there will be no need to worry. We will be contacting you shortly to go through your specific websites and check for the necessary compliance. In most cases this will involve a simple update and a revised privacy policy for your website.

More information on the EU Cookie Directive and how to comply with the guidance can be found on the websites below:-


To help website owners comply with the EU Cookie Directive why not contact 123 Simples for further advice and information

If you would like to know which cookies are used on the 123 Simples site, and check if your browser is setup to accept or reject cookies, then follow this link and you can find more information on how to deal with cookies!
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New look website

02 August 2012 - Posted by 123 Simples, in 123 Simples News

You may probably notice as you navigate around the 123 Simples website, that something is changing. We are having a few moments out to redesign the website with a new look, easier (hopefully easier) to navigate menus, and just having a summer clear-out.
We hope you like the new layout that will be taking shape over the next week or so, and thank you in advance for your patience whilst the new changes are being uploaded. Chat soon

123 Simples
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