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GDPR - Are you ready?

22 May 2018 - Posted by Doug, in 123 Simples News

25th May 2018 signals a major change in how business owners handle, care, look after and protect peoples privacy. Like most of us, you probably are fed up with countless emails being received on a daily basis about GDPR Regulations, and how you need to be prepared or face possible huge fines.

Well that is not the case - unless of course you are doing something seriously wrong!

Most of the GDPR regulations are basic common sense -
1. You need to display in clear language your privacy policy;
2. You need to take care of your clients information, and not sell it, distribute it or lose it;
3. You need to provide a name and point of contact of who the data controller is;
4. You need to ask people to OPT in to receiving emails, not assume they want to;
5. You need to make sure any data you hold is secure, and only held for as long as you need to;
6. You need to identify what information you might collect, and why you need it.

Basically you just need to be dilligent in protecting other peoples data.

At 123 Simples we have updated our client websites with a free privacy policy document. If your website needs one, then contact us, and we can help you.
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Web Server Upgrades to Windows Server 2016

17 March 2017 - Posted by Doug, in Network Announcements

Over the next few months, our servers will be upgrading all our Shared Hosting Web Servers, going from Windows Server 2012 R2 to Windows Server 2016. This will allow customers to take advantage of many new features, including faster page loading times. To prevent long downtime for any customers, each current web server will be cloned, and after exhaustive testing, the Clone Servers will switch over to Production Servers.

By implementing the upgrades in this fashion it allows us to perform the upgrades without impacting customers websites on and off during the period. Once the upgrade is complete, there will be a short "Outage" of around 3 minutes, whilst the final changes are put in place. These works will begin on 20th March 2017, are expected to take 6 to 8 weeks in test and trials (all of this will not affect your websites) and finally the 3 minutes outage when the servers are switched to Windows Server 2016.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact support. 
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mySQL Database Server Upgrades - January 2016

08 January 2016 - Posted by Trace, in Network Announcements

Starting the week of 18th January 2016 we will begin updating mySQL Database Servers running mySQL 5.5 to mySQL 5.6.

Commencement of work:
Start Date: 18th January 2016

Service Impact:
Upgrades will take place out of hours between 6am and 8am to reduce impact to customers whose databases may be unavailable for up to 10 minutes during upgrades.

There should be no impact to web site applications that use mySQL Databases, but you are advised to check any applications that use mySQL Databases are compatible with mySQL 5.6. 
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Domain Price Increase - .UK, .CO.UK, .ORG.UK, .ME.UK

24 December 2015 - Posted by Trace, in 123 Simples News

Nominet the body that manges the UK name space have informed us they are increasing the wholesale price for all registrars of UK domains from the 1st March 2016 and will no-longer be providing lower rates for multiple year registrations.

Currently 123 Simples provide UK domains names registered for multiple years at discounted rates, depending on how many years you wish to renew a domain name for. As of the 1st March 2016 UK domain registrations will be charged by 123 Simples at the prices quoted on the relevant registration page.

Those of you who register your UK domains for 1 year will not be affected by the price increase.

To take advantage of the current prices for UK domains please renew your domain early up to a maximum of 10 years and safe guard your domain at the current price.

The domain extensions that will be affected by this price increase are listed below;

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Windows Shared Hosting Server Updates

10 December 2015 - Posted by Trace, in Network Announcements

Our server technical team will be carrying out Windows Updates to Windows Shared Hosting Servers during the times set out below.

Start of work - At Risk period:
Start Date: 10th December 2015

End of work - At Risk period:
Risk End Date: 11th December 2015

Times work will be carried out:
Start Time: 06:00
End Time: 10:00

Service Impact:
Servers will need to be rebooted after updates are applied.

Microsoft release Windows Servers patches on the second Tuesday of each month. These updates fix security vulnerabilities, performance and other issues.

After testing the latest updates we roll out Windows updates to all our Windows Shared Hosting Servers during off-peak times.
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