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Secure Passwords

Keep it secret, keep it safe

First rule

Securing your passwords and being safe online

Keep it secret and keep it safe is the first rule of password security.

The second is realising that if you choose a bad password, and even worse, use the same password across multiple accounts and login screens, then you are probably asking for trouble. Here are some simple tips from 123 Simples on choosing great passwords.

Password Hacker

The basics of a good password

Is to mix and match and use different passwords everywhere

The basics of choosing good passwords begins like so:

1. Aim to use at least 8 characters in your password. If you can use more characters then do so.
2. Use a random mixture of characters, numbers, upper and lower case, punctuation and symbols. The more complex the password, the more difficult it is to guess.
3. DO NOT use a word found easily in a dictionary, or a favourite name, or place - especially if you use social networking sites as well.
4. Finally NEVER use the same password twice. The more you use and duplicate the password across multiple sites and logins, the greater the danger to you.

Password Basics

Things to avoid

1, 2, 3, 4

The next steps when choosing passwords are to avoid things like:

1. Don't use passwords that are based on your own personal information. By this we mean passwords that may be your name, a nickname, your wife's name, your birthday, a friends name, your home town, your phone number, the address you live at, your car make, etc.
2. Avoid passwords based on things, places or objects near to where you live. Passwords such as "computer", "keyboard", "QWERTY", "telephone", "waterlooville", "portsmouth" and other things like that, are completely useless.
3. Don't use a stupid password like "changeme", "letmein", "admin" or worse ever - "password".
4. Don't use your email address.


Remembering all your passwords

I need a brain like a supercomputer!

Okay, so you have realised that you need to do something and sort out your pA$$wOrD before you end up in trouble. First of all DON'T write them down on a piece of paper, or a notebook. Whilst this might seem the easiest way of viewing your passwords, it is also the quickest way of losing them all!

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