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Outlook 2007

How to reset outlook default views

Reset Outlook Default Views

I cannot see who I sent emails to, dates or anything

There may be times when Outlook causes certain problems that you would like to correct. To make some changes to how Outlook works, there are specific commands (otherwise also referred to as line switches), where you can reset aspects of the Outlook software itself. To do this, first close Outlook.
The program MUST NOT be running so Close It.

Outlook 2007 Cleanviews Reset

Reset Current Views

Here is how to reset Outlook current views

How do I reset Outlook views?

In this example we are going to be resetting the current views in Outlook. All your emails will be unaffected - this will merely reset the software back to its original views.

Open the Command Window (as shown above) by holding down the Windows START KEY on your keyboard and press the keyboard letter R

Type in Outlook /cleanviews (notice there is a space between the word Outlook and the forward slash line /

Because this will require Administrative Rights, you will be asked by Windows 7 to confirm this. Follow the prompts to complete this action. Click OK and finish! Job done. Restart Outlook and you should be back to the original views that you first had. You will then need to setup your custom views again as this switch /cleanviews will reset the software.

Applies to:
Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013

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