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Web based email systems

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A lot of people nowadays have web based email systems - such as Hotmail, Yahoo, Outlook.com, GMail and Facebook. They use web based email systems because it makes it easy to login wherever they may be in the world, to read, send and keep in touch.

But have you ever wondered how sometimes your email accounts seem to get compromised or hacked into? Quite simply, it is often down to you, not the online email provider. We know from our own dealings with clients that many of them will use a simple password, and the password they use will often be repeated for multiple website logins.

One of the easiest ways hackers will find to get in is weak passwords on accounts. The second option is you clicking on an email that you think is okay, when it is not.

Web Based Email Providers

A good password should be

Tips for having a good password

Choosing a good password means you should ideally make a password:

  • At least 8 characters long
  • A good combination of letters, numbers and other symbols (if allowed)
  • Avoid common dictionary words
  • Do not use your nickname, passport number or mobile number
  • A combination of simple and capital letters
  • Do not use numbers or letters only
  • Change your password regularly
A Good Password

Generate a useful password

Choose between 8 and 15 characters

If you want to, why not use this password generator script below to generate a random password. You can choose how many characters you would like to use between 8 and 15 characters. When you choose Create Password it will generate a unique password everytime. Simply copy and paste the password to use it.

Characters   LowerUPPERcase plus numbers 0 to 9
Password Length  
Create Password  

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