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Web Based EMail

How to get started with smarter mail

Using your web mail system

Access your email accounts anywhere in the world

Our hosting clients can now access their emails online anywhere in the world, from any computer by using a browser to do so. You do not need to use any email software to do this, and the help article below will show you how to access your emails, add contacts and send emails using a web based browser. In order for you to do this, you will need to know your email address and login password. Without that information, you will not be able to check and send emails using this system. Please contact us if you are having problems or if you have forgotten your user credentials.


SmarterMail Enterprise 12.1

Smartphone and Outlook Synchronization
You need to have a hosting account with 123 Simples

Our Mail Servers use SmarterMail Enterprise which delivers Exchange-level mail server features with powerful collaboration tools, such as SmartPhone & Outlook Synchronization, anti-spam, anti-virus, mailing lists, advanced webmail, RSS news feed integration, event calendars, contact lists, and much more.

When you first login into your web browser email system, you will need to enter your authorised email address and password. You can choose to put a tick in Remember me, but if you are using this email on a computer other than your own, we suggest that you leave this box unchecked.

Getting Started

Configure and setup

The SmarterMail welcome screen

After login, you will be presented with the SmarterMail welcome screen. It will help you to correctly configure some standard settings such as the time zone, your country and postal code (which the postal code is optional and is not required).

Complete the boxes as necessary, and then click the Next, or Finish button.

Configure SmarterMail

Options to migrate existing mail

You can choose to migrate or import existing emails and contacts

If you want to migrate in your existing email, contacts and tasks from different software programs, you can.

Choose whether you wish to synch with Ipods or Iphones

You can also choose later on whether to allow sychronization with Ipods and IPhones if you wish to. There are plenty of other optional extras.

Migrate Contacts

The Main Working Screen

Your smarter mail email centre

When you have closed off the welcome screen, you will see the main working screen of your smarter mail email centre. Down the left hand side are the different settings, such as Email, contacts, calendar, settings etc. Take time to familiarise yourself with the different options, but each page has its own help screen available to guide you with what to do, and a help button just to the top right of the screen.

Main Working Screen

More Information

Where can I read the help files for this system?

To read the help files for SmarterMail please click here.

Where do I login into my smartermail?

To login and begin using SmarterMail, you need to be a hosting customer with 123 Simples. If you are not a client of 123 Simples, and would like to ask us about our hosting services, then click here to view our Hosting Packages overview.

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