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Using multiple domain names and SEO

Using Multiple Domain Names for SEO

Is it worth me buying lots of domain names?

We occasionally get asked by clients to buy multiple domain names believing that by having lots of domain names that point to a website, this will maybe help with searches on the internet when looking for specific key words or phrases. Some web design companies may even suggest that doing this can help boost a websites profile by using domain names and forwarding them to an active website. This article examines the positives of negatives of buying domain names for the sake of buying domain names!

If Only Bear

Should our business have more than one domain name?

Only if you really want to confuse people!

It's always best to stick with one domain name for one type of business. Even though domain names are relatively cheap to buy, there is little point in buying lots of domain names, and then using them as forwards to a website.

You won't increase any ranking by doing so, and in actual fact, you're more likely to cause a drop off in search results. Having a domain name is really only any good if you have a website on that domain name. Of course, there may be domain names that previously had websites on them, and then it might be useful to have that domain name as a forward to your website.

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I have a domain name with great keywords

Surely that must work?

No - the only real benefit of having a domain name that may feature keywords is when you actually have a website on that domain name. Of course it helps if your domain name includes words that signal the search engines that the content may be relevant, but then if the content is not relevant, then the keyword rich domain you may have won't benefit. There is a lot of stuff that goes into how a website is ranked, found and indexed by Google and other major search engines. A domain name alone is just one of them!

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